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*"Without question Dr. Ryan Russell is the best of the best. He and his staff are always friendly and willing to help with any problem I might have. Dr. Russell is professional in every aspect of his practice - from the machines he purchased to help his patients to the amount of space needed to accommodate patients without any waiting to the precise method that Dr. Russell tailors to each patient. I have seen many chiropractors over the years and Dr. Russell's method is the best I've experienced. Often the results are either immediate or within a half an hour after my muscles relax. Another item is insurance. He takes BCBS as well as flex pay. I can't say enough about him and his team.

Also, my favorite machine is the scoliosis machine because it ALWAYS makes me feel wonderful during and after being on that machine.

Thank you Dr. Russell and Bobbi and Mary Beth and Taylor."

Peter Smith

*"Ryan does fantastic work! He personalized and tailors all of his treatments to you. Instead of just cracking your back and hoping for the best, he takes an in depth look at what's causing the pain and inflammation and treats it accordingly. Just within a couple of visits I could really tell a difference in my neck and lower back. Now after just a few more visits my flexibility, mobility, pain, and stiffness is a WHOLE lot better. I've been in athletics and bodybuilding my whole life and i haven't felt this good in years! If you're looking for a great chiropractor who is extremely knowledgeable and personable look no further! "

Cheryl Lambert

*"Dr. Russell is great!!! My husband and I are both active personal trainers and our daughter is student athlete. Dr. Russell keeps us all healthy and operating at a high levels of activity and weight training despite the injuries we have. Since going to Dr. Russell regularly his chiropractic care has prevented us both from major surgeries (my husband shoulder surgery and myself a double spinal fusion.) We highly recommend Dr. Russell to everyone!!!! Thank you Dr. Russell for your through, attentive care!"

Bo Shin

*"I typically never write reviews but in this case, I hope it helps those in need of a great chiropractor. With a background in biochemistry, nutrition, and being an ovarian cancer survivor, I have become an advocate for natural/holistic care, including chiropractic care. Before I started seeing Dr. Ryan Russell, I struggled in seeking relief due to a neck injury. When scans showed signs of spinal stenosis in my C5-C6, degenerative disk disease, and a -76 degree curvature in my cervical spine, I started going to see Ryan on a regular basis. Prior to getting help, the quality of my life had decreased tremendously, which in turn led to severe depression. I was miserable living in my own body and wanted nothing more than a sense of relief.

Currently, I am undergoing decompression therapy with Ryan and the difference in how I feel before and after a session is incomparable. Not only am I able to feel a difference, but I can see the improvement physically in my posture. I am also more energized, have more mental clarity, sleeping better at nighttime, and my quality of life is improving.

I highly recommend Dr. Russell to anyone that struggles with any chronic conditions."

Steven Knox

*"Never having used a chiropractor, I was skeptical to say the least. After an extensive interview and x-ray session, Dr. Russell isolated the cause of my pain and began the process of slowly addressing the painful area. Within two visits my pain was not only bearable, it was improving dramatically! Following his instructions, my pain began to gradually diminish to the point it was hardly noticeable. I am now a believer in the science of chiropractic practice and will continue to utilize Dr. Russell's expertise in maintaining my lower back issues.

Dr. Russell and his staff display a professional attitude as a well as a genuine concern for the patient and meeting his/her needs for relief of spinal pain. Bobbie does a stellar job in handling the insurance and scheduling to fit almost any situation for the patient as well as being familiar with the machines and assisting the patient during his/her visits. For those who are as skeptical and hesitant as was I, allow me to encourage you to take the time to meet and speak with Dr. Russell before considering any surgical or other invasive procedures, you might just be like me and mind-changing experience! "

Joey Chiofalo

*"Dr. Ryan Russell is by far the best chiropractor around. The most professional one I seen. He takes his job very seriously and he is very consistent in what he does and in making you functional again. My lumbar was decompressed and hurting extremely bad when I went to Dr. Russell. I bodybuild and I have not been able to deadlift or squat heavy or even at all without having pain. I deadlifted the 1st time in about 2 months the other day and my deadlift increased by over 50lbs PAINFREE. If you are in pain and have herniated discs or anything at all I highly recommend Dr. Russell and his team. By far the cleanest practice I have ever been to as well. Dr. Russell is the only chiropractor in Alabama that is going to understand where you are coming from from a bodybuilding standpoint and just in general. "

Dylan Hicks

*"This is the only man I will let adjust me. He always knows the exact issue I am having and usually can tell me what activity I have been doing that causes the issue. I typically make a 30 to 40 min drive to see him. It is always worth the drive."

Curtis Mcmickin

*"The layout of this office is simple, yet affective. I was in the Marines for 10 years and have a lot of issues stemming from my time in service. I have yet to meet a chiropractor with the knowledge that Ryan has, I can't express how much he has helped me to get to just functional let alone where I can actually live comfortably. As far as chiropractic services goes I wouldn't go anywhere else, he's the by far the best. Thank you for everything you have done, and going above and beyond what you actually have to. I am forever thankful for the help you have given me."

Stephen Lambert

*"Dr. Russell identified a severe back issue in my wife. Under his care she was able to avoid a risky surgery. My daughter was rear ended. Dr. Russell treated her immediately and really sped up her recovery process. I am an avid weight lifter. By keeping my adjustments regular, 2 times a month, I don't miss a beat in the gym. It has also helped all of my injuries I have accrued over all the years of lifting."

Raquel Ward

*"I have been to over 20 different chiropractic offices in my lifetime and I am only 30. Dr. Russell worked with me through physical therapy exercises, not just adjustments. He spends time with each client and understands thier goals and explains how we will get there. He goes the extra mile to get you to a place of recovery and freedom in your spinal alignment. I believe he is the best in the state!!"

Tara Evans

*"Dr. Russell always helps me feel better. He is professional, straightforward, and honest, which I truly appreciate. I can't count how many times he realigned me after riding horses, running marathons, and any other crazy activities. He is an amazing doctor I would highly recommend."

Kyle Rhodes

*"I have known Dr. Russell for many years and would first mention his high standard of integrity, as I believe that is very important when making the decision to trust someone with your health care, that they do as they say they will do. Dr. Ryan Russell has proved time and time again that he will make the right call.

As an Athletic Trainer, over the last year alone we have referred 5 of our own clients that either had pain associated with their back, neck problems and headaches from bad posture (sitting at a desk), OR were on the road to having back problems if they continued to ignore some of the red flags we seen.

4 of the 5 that actually followed the treatment and his instructions all the way through, are now living a completely different life than they would have if they had just ignored these issues. They stand better, move better and sleep better.

These issues were out of our scope of work, so by referring them to get help we were able to make a difference. Most importantly, the field of Chiropractics and techniques have CHANGED, and many techniques still being used by other physicians are outdated, and Dr. Russell's education puts him at the top of the latest research, allowing him to work with patients in a much safer way."

Josh Ladick

*"Great approach to healing. Went in for a left shoulder injury from overuse/exercise. We found that my alignment was the cause and started treatment of both the injury and the cause. Also, great variety of care: Graston, Cupping, dry needling, as well as typical muscle release and chiropractic approaches. Great facility, clean and good equipment used for care. Very much recommended!"

J McPherson

*" I am so glad that I found Dr. Russell! I was in so much pain when I first walked in! He and his staff are professional and friendly. Dr. Russell has been very careful with me, yet challenges my body to strengthen and improve function. My alignment is better, my pain is vastly decreased, and I feel I have found new friends. Highly recommend!"

Anna Wheat

*"Dr. Russell is knowledgeable and personable. Staff is friendly and helpful with scheduling appointments. Highly recommended!!"

Ian Eubanks

*"I suffered from consistent headaches, neck and lower back pain for years. After my chiropractic care, I haven't had any consistent pain and I haven't had any headaches. The facility is very nice and all of the employees are genuinely kind and friendly. Ryan is also great about explaining why certain things are important."

Kaylen Bradberry

*"Best chiropractor I've ever had. He works hard to actually find and fix the root of the problems and rather than just providing a temporary fix to cover the symptoms like other places I have been. I recommend him to literally everyone."

Damon Stewart

*"Dr. Russell is a true professional in every sense of the word. Multi-talented practioner with many tools at his disposal. I would highly recommend his clinic!!"

Sam Davis

*"Dr. Russell at Integrative Chiropractic provides the BEST care in Hoover, AL. He is super invested in the well being of his patients. The staff are all so knowledgable and welcoming. If there is ever a wait, it is always minimal and never as long as other practices I've visited. His treatments are modern and located in a state-of-the-art facility. Furthermore, Dr. Russell practices what he preaches. He is also concerned with overall patient health, such as diet and exercise and provides countless services to help his patients achieve their peak health!"

Amelita Jones

*"Integrative Chiropractic is the best chiropractor office I have visited Dr. Ryan Russell and staff are just great people they have help me tremendously no pain great posture just an overall great experience. I recommend Dr. Russell and staff to anyone that is experiencing pain. Helpful?"

Jason Kirk

*"Dr. Ryan Russell does such a great job. Always gets me back on track.. Highly recommend.."

Jewel Abbott

*" Dr. Russell is hands down the best chiropractor I have used! My kids love him too!!"

Ibrahim Awwad

*" Ryan knows what he's doing, I would give him a shot if your thinking about it.. actually don't think about it just go there.. money well spent"

Erin Ponds

*"I injured by elbow/tricep during the Crossfit open this year and Dr.Russell fixed my arm right up using the Graston Technique. My arm was better within 4 or 5 days and I was back in the gym with no further issues. My arm has been great since! Dr.Russell is very professional and has a great beside manor. Would recommend!"

Matthew Heath

*" I came in to see Dr. Russel all while having another Chiropractor. More as to check and see, again, if he'd be able to help me more as I have had 3 chiropractors over the years. I'm super healthy, compete in bodybuilding, eat my issues are not from neglect of myself. I had acid reflux issues from mild Hiatal Hernia and understood that you can get a Hiatal Hernia adjustment. I also have an imbalance in hips that causes me BAD lower back pain and tension when I am heavier in weight. None of which has improved even the slightest with other Chiropractors. So I try Dr. Russel and long story short, my acid reflux and hiccups as a result and low back pain are completely gone. I've finally settled for whom I'll be seeing as my chiropractor! Finally"

Colton Terry

*" Best chiropractor in the Hoover area! Has helped treat my elbow with Graston and multiple adjustments leaving me feeling good as new when I leave!"


*" Ryan is really good at what he does and will make you feel like a million dollars.!"

Mark Berry

*" Best chiropractic clinic in Alabama! Dr. Russell uses new technology, techniques, and equipment that can correct the cause of spinal pain and improve damaged disc without drugs or surgery!"

Morgan Smith

*" Ryan is the best in the state. Thank you so much."

Chris Mayo

*" There has been numerous times Dr. Russel has fixed injuries, and got me back training again. I drive over an hour to see him at least weekly, and it's worth it every time. Couldn't thank him enough for the work he's done on me."

Dr. Jordan Axe

*" Very nice office plus Dr. Ryan is just a great guy overall!"

markita crenshaw

*" Used Ryan for the past year and has really helped me with my neck, shoulders, and low back. Thanks Dr. Russell"

Dana Macke

*" This doctor has a lot of knowledge and understanding beyond the scope of most chiropractors. He also has equipment and techniques you don't see in most chiropractic offices which has been very effective in treating my complicated back problems. I think he may have the only authentic Cox table in Birmingham used to treat disk and facet problems. With a helpful, friendly staff and kind compassionate doctor, your search can stop right here. Why would you go anywhere else? "


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